Who are the courses for?

  • Adults (aged 17+), either 1-1 or in small private groups of colleagues, friends (for example students preparing for the same exam) or family members with a similar level of English.
  • Students who have reached level A2 of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

The courses are not for beginners.

What sorts of courses are available?

  • General English
  • Conversational English
  • Exam preparation (e.g. Cambridge examinations and university/higher education entrance, e.g. IELTS and foreign exams, e.g. French "Prépa HEC"
  • Business / Professional English
  • Refresher courses for non-native speaker teachers of English who want to update and extend their English, practise their fluency and improve their pronunciation. (Please note: these are not teacher-training courses).
  • English for other specific purposes

Courses with fewer classroom hours or conversation-only courses can be combined with more excursions.  This gives you the opportunity to experience more of British culture. 

When are courses available?

Throughout the year

What is the course duration?

Between 5 days and 3 weeks, usually starting on Sunday or Monday

How many hours should I book?

3 - 5 hours of formal tuition per day is ideal. 


I do not recommend that students undertake more than 5 hours of formal lessons each day, even on intensive courses.  Experience shows that more than 5 hours of formal lessons is counterproductive.  You will also be speaking English informally all the time outside the classroom and you need time to assimilate what you have learnt, to study privately ... and to rest!  Using a foreign language all the time is exciting and stimulating, but it can be quite tiring and needs concentration.

What happens when I make a booking?

I ask you to:

  • provide details about your age, nationality, first language, job/current studies and your course aims and requirements
  • complete a short online test to check your level of English when you book  
  • complete a short diagnostic test approximately 2 weeks before you arrive.         This helps me to analyse your specific linguistic needs and most importantly, it enables me to plan your course in advance.

What happens at the end of the course?

Choosing books
Choosing books

You receive:

  • a detailed report
  • advice to ensure further successful progress
  • recommendations for appropriate books and language learning resources.  
    Course prices include a course book with CD-ROM.